When is alpha amylase synthesized?

()α-AMYLASE is synthesised de novo in response to the plant hormonegibberellic acid (GA3) in the aleurone layers of barleygrains1.

besides the enzyme pepsin, what suffix do you notice is associated with all of the en page??

using the enzyme amylase to breakdown starch to sugar. Rosalind Franklin, Physicist and Biologistkeywords: gcse bacterial animal plant cell chromosomal DNA plasmid DNA flagella wall chloroplast large vacuole membrane mitochondria, cytoplasm nucleus Watson Crick Franklin Wilkins base pairs genetic engineering GM mitosis diploid body cells sexual/asexual reproduction, zygote haploid gametes cloning mRNA tRNA enzymes Topic 1 The building blocks of cells Biology Unit B2 The components of life Edexcel gcse additional science

One example of an enzyme is amylase, ..


Recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry, Academic Press (1992) with later supplements: Enzyme preparations used in food processing are usually named according to the substrate to which the enzyme is applied, such as protease or amylase. Some traditional names are also in use, such as malt, pepsin and rennet.

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The synthesised compounds were evaluated for their antidiabetic activity by α amylase and α glucosidase inhibitory methods and all were found to exhibit an effective inhibition against both the enzymes. Out of the four synthesised compounds, KPSV 4 was found to be most effective with percentage growth inhibition of 61.92% and 80. 46% at 1000μg when compared with other three compounds.

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Elastin --NonVeg-A fibrous protein resembling collagen that is the main constituent of the elastic fibers of connective tissue

Emulsifiers --Questionable-May not be vegetarian.

Enzyme--Halal-Alpha Amylase and Protease in bakery products

Enzyme --Questionable-A protein substance produced in living cells, that influences a chemical reaction within a plant or animal without being changed itself; an organic catalyst.


Peptide arrays in which peptides were immobilized on cellulose membranes through photolinkers were synthesized. The peptides were subsequently detached from the arrays by ultraviolet (UV) photolysis for 3 h, and were used to search for functional peptides that inhibit the activity of α-amylase derived from human pancreatic juice. Amino acid replacement with high-molecular-size amino acids, Arg (R), Phe (F), Trp (W), or Tyr (Y), for the first and seventh residues of amylase inhibitor peptide, GHWYYRCW, as previous reported, led to enhancement of the inhibitory effect of the peptide on α-amylase. In particular, one of the resulting peptides, RHWYYRYW, showed a stronger inhibitory effect than acarbose (which is used as a hypoglycemic agent) or inhibitor peptide GHWYYRCW.

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As it says on this page, enzymes are made of protein. Your body makes many different enzymes, eg. the amylase in your saliva. When cells make enzymes, they use the information in a piece of DNA to join amino-acids together in the correct order: the sequence of amino-acids in a protein determine the 3 dimensional shape of the protein. All enzymes need the correct 3D shape to do their jobs. If the shape of the protein is wrong, it will not work as an enzyme.