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when the laurentide ice sheet melted it made the missoula floods as the melt water flowed south.
when the melt water flowed north it flowed mostly through the mcKenzie and the hudson bay.
there were massive outflows and there is evidence that one outflow raised the arctic ocean 26m.
the sudden outflow drained lake aggazis in a 2 week period.
i believe that that was what caused what you are talking about in alaska, canada and siberia.

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Once the world’s ice caps have completely melted away at temperatures above 22.49 oC and times later than 2051.3, the Earth’s atmosphere will heat up at an extremely fast rate to reach the Permian extinction event temperature of 80oF (26.66 oC)(Wignall, 2009) by which time all life on Earth will have been completely extinguished.


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For decades, the climate engineers have been able to mask the true degree of planetary meltdown with various processes like chemical ice nucleation (). But we must consider at what cost has this grand deception come? Geoengineering has created short term toxic cool-downs at the cost of an even worse overall long term planetary warming. Not only are all climate engineering elements highly toxic, but by chemically nucleating sea surfaces in the polar regions the climate engineers are actually preventing rapidly warming seas from releasing their heat. This in turn is further fueling the seabed deposits. The releasing methane then greatly contributes to feedback loops which, in turn, radically worsen the overall warming of the planet. Over a 10 year time horizon, methane is over 100 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than C02.