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6CO + 6H O ® C H O + 12O (in the presence of light energy and chlorophyll) Aim- The aim of the experiment is to determine what effect light intensity has upon the rate of photosynthesis of Canadian Pondweed (Elodea)....

What is the effect of boiling the chloroplasts on the subsequent reduction ..

Since the proteins lost their shapes, they lost their functions, stalling the completion of their "jobs" and inhibiting the entire process of photosynthesis.
Further research can be conducted on this subject by conducting experiments to see, as the temperature is increased, at what exact temperature do the chloroplasts stop functioning.
Independent Variable: Time Dependent Variable: Percent of light absorbed
Central Virginia Governor's School for Science & Technology.

Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis

This result occurred, with the non-boiled chloroplasts doubling the percent of light absorbed during the experiment, while the boiled chloroplasts showed almost no change in light absorbed.
This experiment tested whether the boiling of chloroplasts would have any effect on their photosynthesis by testing how much light was absorbed by boiled chloroplasts and non-boiled chloroplasts.

on a solution of photosynthetic chloroplasts.

Our experiment was designed to determine whether boiling and decrease in light will have negative effects on the rate of photosynthesis in chloroplasts.