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So quickly the Solar Systemdivided into large proto-planets and smaller and smallerplanetesimals which eventually became the numerous meteors we seetoday.Any leftover large bodies were captured as moons or ejected bygravity assist into the Oort cloud.

These protoplanetary disks span about 0.14 light years and are probably similarto the Solar Nebula.

The early proto-planets areable to sweep the early Solar System clean of large bodies.Notice also that the lighter compounds are vaporized in the inner SolarSystem.

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These are recognized as small celestial bodies which make up protoplanets.

Itincorporates many of the components of the nebular hypothesis, but addssome new aspects from modern knowledge of fluids and states of matter.Meanwhile in the inner Solar System:Note that as the planet's began to form they grew in mass by accretingplanetesimals.

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According to this theory, planets are formed from solar systems & nebulas that have collapsed, leaving behind dust and other particles which will eventually collide to form planetesimals.

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The two most substantial theories, the nebular theory and the Protoplanet Where as the Protoplanet theory, although it has the same basic premises, there are just a few adjustments in hopes to fill in the holes that the Nebula theory didn't quite answer.

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The recent collision between comet Shoemaker-Levy and Jupiter also gave us a glimpse at what probably happened on a much grander scale when the solar system was very young.

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It is thought that the Solar System formed according to what isknown as the Nebular Hypothesis.

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The protoplanet theory leaves us with many unanswered questions, but it made a great contribution to straying scientists away from the Nebula Theory and open up to one that contain more abstract concepts.