Write correct formulas for the products in these synthesis reactions.

There are two basic steps in creating a ferrofluid: synthesis of the magnetic solid, magnetite (Fe3O4), and suspension in water with the aid of a surfactant. The magnetic particles must be very smallon the order of 10 nm (100 Å) in diameterso that the thermal energy of the particles is large enough to overcome the magnetic interactions between particles. If the particles are too large, magnetic interactions will dominate and the particles will agglomerate.

Nonetheless, it is a valid synthesis reaction and useful in contexts otherthan how H2O2 is made.

While it is possible to use air most modern plants use pure oxygen to avoid the need of separating mainly nitrogen from the synthesis gas after the oxidation step.

Black liquor can be gasified and used for methanol synthesis.

The synthesis gas production and subsequent compression stands for a large amount of the investment cost in a methanol production plant and most of the energy need to power the process and represents as much as 60 % of the capital cost

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Synthetic strategies for degradable polymers derived from natural products, unique macromolecular architectures and complex polymer assemblies, designed for practical implementation in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, as non-toxic anti-biofouling or anti-icing coatings, as materials for microelectronics device applications, or as pollutant remediation systems.

Synthesis and EPR studies of the first water-soluble …

Wij ontwikkelen en fabriceren de producten zelf.
Indien gewenst monteren wij alles ook zelf. Dat
betekent voor u als klant van Synthesis altijd
korte communicatielijnen; vanaf offerte tot de
uiteindelijke oplevering en nazorg.

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Synthesis staat voor de synthese tussen staal en kunststof. Voor de synthese tussen ontwerp en productie in eigen huis. En voor de synthese tussen Synthesis en haar klanten.

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Organometallic and inorganic synthesis for the development of new strategies for oxidation chemistry. Investigation of the structures of reactive intermediates and the effects of confinement and proximity on organic reactions.

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Studies in molecular transition metal and main group chemistry. Ligand design for novel elementary transformations and catalysis, with recent emphasis on borylation chemistry. Exploration of the frontiers of synthesis and reactivity of highly reactive cations and most weakly coordinating anions. New materials based on metallopolymers with redox-active ligands.

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Developing new materials to improve the performance of medical devices and regenerative engineering therapies. Several specific research areas include anti-fouling coatings for blood-contacting devices & marine applications, self-cleaning membranes for implanted biosensors, shape memory polymer scaffolds & inorganic-organic hydrogel scaffolds for bone healing, and ultra-strong hydrogels as synthetic cartilage.