Video explaining the process of photosynthesi ..

God bless you all. It does the heart good to read these comments from countless aware and committed people. Having been one of those who has followed the spraying for over 20 years at least, and feeling so sad at the denial/apathy/coverups and almost losing hope, I renew each time I hear/read Dane and these comments from the hearts of so many. Here in La Jolla we have some days of blue skies that seem normal, and then out of nowhere comes the most gigantic chemtrail that seems to take up half the sky. (Where do they get the planes to spray these giant things?) Kind of terrifying. And the rainclouds gather often and turn the air humid and the sky dark, and not one drop of rain. I can tell they are hiding their manipulations behind the rainclouds; it becomes obvious after a while. Praying daily for miracles and circulating the videos from Dane whenever possible to as many as possible. Mother Earth and the Weather systems are trying so hard to be normal….we cannot ever give up. Thank you Dane and all of you with such great hearts.

Video overview on photosynthesis and the different steps involved in photosynthesis

On or about June 15th of this year is when I first became aware of the insane geoengineering programs taking place. I am sickened every time I see them spraying and irrevocably changing the foundations of LIFE on Earth. I moved to Maine to get away from the stress of the city and to enjoy nature and fresh air. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see them spraying… they spray often in the evening (which makes absolutely no sense if it’s SRM). They even spray on cloudy days. People are just being conditioned that we are entering an era of “extreme weather” but more are realizing now that it is the geoengineering programs that are causing all of it! How can this go on? How can other countries allow it??

NDSU Virtual Cell Animations Project animation 'Photosynthesis'

Animation from our text book that shows the steps of photosynthesis

I have heard a little about "chemtrails" and you're right…it's a non-threatening term. However, "climate manipulation" makes you take notice. Thank you for this video. Extremely informative for me as a novice on the topic.