One can never prove the truth of a statistical (null) hypothesis.

Having determined withsatisfaction that the solar models were valid, it is fairly obvious that the next stepis to see if the neutrino models were valid.

One obvious point is that fusion must happen for any neutrinos to exist at all.

One of the first things a new physics student learnsabout electricity & magnetism is the "Lorentz Force",F = qE + V X B, which tells us that the vector force(F) on a charged particle is equal to the charge (Q) times the vectorelectric field (E) plus the vector cross product (X) of the particlesvelocity (V) relative to the magnetic field (B).

Test at ALPHA=.05 the hypothesis that the true weight is 140 lb.

the sample data are not inconsistent with the hypothesis that in the population, MU = 50.

The property inquestion is simply that what we measure as an electron neutrino is actually a particlewhich exists in a mixture of particle states, with a certain probability at any time,of being one or the other kind of neutrino.

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That, combinedwith the habitually poor approach to physics adopted for the electric-sunhypothesis, makes it a thoroughly unacceptable substitute for the standard physicaltheory of the structure and evolution of the sun.

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Would you reject the hypothesis H(0):MU = 69 versus the (one-sided) alternative H(1):MU > 69 on the basis of your observations, when testing at level ALPHA = .05?

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The theoretical difficultythat Severny are talking about is that their measured period of 2h 40m plusor minus a half minute (160±0.5 minutes) is very near the period of 2h 47m (167 minutes)that one would expect for a homogenous sphere with a low core temperature (but not isothermal).

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I contend that thedetailed & powerful predictability associated with standard theory far outclassesthe prose-based sentimental approach of the electric-sun hypothesis.

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It's fairly clear that 159 ismuch closer to 160 than is 167, and the argument that we are seeing -mode insteadof -mode oscillations was a perfectly valid one in 1976.

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This proce- dure can be viewed as a test of the hypothesis p = .05 against the alternative p > .05, p being the probability that the machine turns out a defective item.