(4) any other cause considered acceptable by the institution.

On Wednesday, February 12 I visited in Texas, Untied States to learn how the utility company has been engaged in the , a smart grid research project that began in Austin in 2008 as a community collaboration. We discussed how the utility plays an important role in such an innovative initiative based on close collaboration with stakeholders and what the company is hoping to achieve through the research and development at the project. One of the crucial issues is to establish trust in the utility among end users, which would make it easier for them to feel that they take control of themselves with novel advanced technologies such as smart meters.

Parents are a big part of pageants because without them there wouldn’t be any contestants.

Pranab Baruah is an energy researcher based in Lower Carbon Futures group, University of Oxford. He is currently involved in Infrastructure Transition Research Consortium (ITRC) led by Univ of Oxford and Bottom up Perspective in Industrial Demand Modelling project led by Univ of Bath. He has been also an independent sustainability services consultant to several companies and international NGOs. Prior to joining Oxford, Pranab worked at the University of Tokyo in various capacities on satellite remote sensing applications, global ecosystem model improvement and sustainability science projects while facilitating strategic initiatives (intl. symposiums, research network etc.) for 2 international centers within the university. He has an MBA in Strategic Carbon Management, a PhD in Engineering (Geoinformatics) and a professional certification in LEED Green Building Rating System (LEED AP BD+C).

(1) economic or academic requirements adopted by the board; or

The story takes place in 1959, in Vermont, at a private academy, known as the Welton Academy.

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(c) A foreign student to whom Subsection (b) applies shall pay tuition equal to that charged Texas residents under Section . The coordinating board shall adopt rules governing the determination of financial need of students to whom Subsection (b) applies and rules governing a pilot project to be established at general academic teaching institutions and at components of the Texas State Technical College System in counties that are not immediately adjacent to the nation in which the foreign student resides.

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(b) The foreign student tuition fee prescribed in this chapter does not apply to a foreign student who is a resident of a nation situated adjacent to Texas, demonstrates financial need as provided by Subsection (c), and registers in:

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(e) The coordinating board shall adopt rules to determine the number of students who may participate in the programs provided by Subsections (b) and (d) and the students who may transfer from any general academic teaching institution or component of the Texas State Technical College System in a county immediately adjacent to the nation in which the foreign student resides to attend another general academic teaching institution or component of the Texas State Technical College System to complete a degree, certificate, or diploma or attend graduate school.

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Sec. 54.233. ACADEMIC COMMON MARKET. The governing board of an institution of higher education shall charge nonresident students participating in the Academic Common Market and enrolled in programs designated under Section the same amount charged resident students in such programs.