I will also need to know why you chose the TV show that you did

The TV pilot recently won best student film at the Burbank Film Festival. The project attempts to show Skid Row in a more sympathetic light than has been done in the past.

There are millions of movies, videos and TV shows you can download direct to your PC

The description of your activities that you have provided, using a 'script' from a popular TV show for research purposes in a machine learning algorithm is allowed within the 'fair use' description of copyright. It is my understanding that the following descriptions place the usage described within 'fair use':

This marks the beginning of MTV’s reality show, The …

and give them a chance at their own reality TV show.

Can I use the data of Friends TV show transcript in my thesis for analysis and publish my paper/findings. Does the usage of TV show transcript data for analysis and construction of new script based on the original script come under fair use of exception in US copyright law ? Can you please advise me on how to proceed further.