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I happen to be a retired machinist and still have a fairly complete machine shop. For the well worn clutch dog shown below, I welded up the leading edges of the dogs with a E9018 electric electrode rod, then ground them close by hand, doing the final fitting with a Dremel tool and 1/8" carbide cutter.

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Continuity theorists base their assertions on evidence of aspects of modern behavior that can be seen in the Middle Stone Age (approximately 250 - 50 ) at a number of sites in Africa and the Levant. For example, a ritual burial with grave goods at Qafzeh is Middle Stone Age (MSA) having been dated to 90 kya. The usage of pigment is noted at several MSA sites in Africa dating back more than 100 kya.

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Instructions from a OMC factory service manual on how to adjust the throttle cam are as follows.

is the first book designed specifically for hospital-based staff who need concise, evidence-based guidance on the vital topic of caring for older hospitalized patients.

Menopause HT Timing Hypothesis Affirmed in CVD

With the lower unit off the motor, you can now remove the 4 smaller bolts that secure the water pump housing to the lower unit. This water pump housing can now be slid up and off the driveshaft revealing the internal working of the water pump.

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If the gearbox unit does not want to drop down then the copper water supply tube from the water pump may have become corroded into the two rubber grommets on both ends of it and you may have to use a couple of large screwdrivers to persuade it. With the lower unit down and off you can then start working on removing the water pump.

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If the upper front mount needs to be replaced, that will entail removing the exhaust housing from the transom clamp assembly, which may not be that easy if you have an old neglected, corroded motor, however the exploded views illustration seen below may be of some help.

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If the screw comes out hard enough to gall the threads in the bracket, you may need to run a 5/8 NC (National Course) tap in to clean up the threads. If at all possible you need to try to save what you have here as to replace these with new parts, you can no buy just a handle or screw, but the hole unit with the washer which costs a mere $75 EACH.

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Pawing thru my junk box again, I found water pump parts of a older QD-19 10hp. The stainless base was the same exact size and shape as the 6hp only better condition. The housing was the same only the center hole indicated a larger drive shaft was used, it however was in worse shape than the one I took off.