Adorno, Theodor, c, New York, 1973.

The emergence of art totally devoid of human content, and therefore meaning, owes everything to a naively accepting and uncritical belief in the values of machine technology and the scientific premises on which it is based. ... it would appear that the artist treats his audience as though it were either automaton or comatose — certainly incapable of self-generated thought or feeling.

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He branched out into ballets and operas. Two operas are particularly notable. Thefirst, , staged in 1930 and based upon Gogol’s story, is also a verymodernistic, constructivist work. The harmonies are startling and the vocal parts arecloser to speech than singing. It was criticized, especially by composers, for not being the type of music accessible to the masses. After sixteensuccessful performances, it was removed from the repertoire and spent over forty years inlimbo.

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The same year, in an interview to the Soviet monthly Youth, he clarified his views.

We will never know the whole truth about all aspects of the career of Shostakovich andthe reasons for all of his actions. Even if we did, it would not greatly lessen thecontroversy. Since the Soviet and Western systems are so fundamentally philosophicallydifferent and are in competition, there will always be some who will seize on whateverevidence there is to attack the other system. To some, the idea of a governmentinterfering in any way in the artistic output of an artist is anathema. Some people,however, are able to put it into perspective. The great conductor Sir Adrian Boult said in1948

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Jackob Nimrodi, My Life’s Journey, Or Yehuda, 2003 (in Hebrew).

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ʿAli-Akbar Welāyati, Irān wa masʾala-ye Felestin, Tehran, 1997.

Connected to this is the notion that the artist’s output must be accessible to thelarge masses of people. Were this not so, were the artist functioning for himself orherself alone (in Soviet jargon, “formalistically”), the function postulated forthe artist would not be possible.

Idem, Irān wa taḥawwolāt-e Felestin: 1939-1979, Tehran, 2001.

Hence, the building surveying dissertation is very important due to these reasons. Though the field is not eminent among the masses, it can play a significant

(2) Post Revolution Period (1979-2007)

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