PTRS 704. Physical Therapy Interventions I. 3 Hours.

What can Music Therapy Do?
Music Therapy Enhances the Performance of Athletes
Music Therapy enhances the performance of athletes.
Music Therapy & Athleticism Correlation
Thesis Proven?
Process of my Product
Learning Stretch
What did I learn?
How this project affected me:
Works Cited
By: Jocelyn Wade
Music Therapy Enhances The Performance of Athletes
Jocelyn Wade
Graduation Project
AP English IV
Linda Staten
January 8, 2015
Thesis is not proven
Lack of Information
No Connection with Topic
Glenn Denny
Producing Music for 12 years
Dissected songs
" The Making of "
Behind the scenes
Made me listen "harder"
Taught me more
I assess every sound
Music Business
Understand music therapy
Meeting with Mentor
Higher energy levels
Better Sleep
Better Joint Flexibility
Steadier Emotions
Better Balance
Improves Posture
Assists with:
Lack of Coordination
Overcome fatigue
Lead to Victory
Think like an athlete
Wiepert, Gary.

PTRS 705. Physical Therapy Interventions II. 4 Hours.

A study of US public health and nutrition concerns in diverse US populations, assessment of nutritional status in commonalities, health communication, nutrition policies and community based nutrition interventions. Exploration of the roles of dietitians, nutritionists, and others in developing and delivering nutrition policies and interventions in US communities. Prerequisite: Must be a student in the Graduate Certificate Dietetic Internship Program, the Dietetics and Nutrition Master of Science Program, or the Great Plains IDEA, or have the consent of the instructor. LEC.

What is a typical music therapy session like

PTRS 838. Research Concepts in Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Practice. 3 Hours.

Whipple's study involved a collection of research of any design that explored the impact of music interventions, either background music or music therapy, compared with no music on results such as challenging behaviors and social interaction. The research, which included individuals with autism ranging from 2.5 to 21 years of age, in samples that varied from 1 to 20, indicated that there was substantial and homogeneous overall effect of music therapy on individuals, which suggested that the conditions associated with music were more effective than those without music. However, one of the difficulties about this research was that the music used was so heterogeneous that it was nearly impossible to draw legitimate conclusions on the effects of music therapy. In addition, significant design features that were used including randomization and blinding, were not readily transparent.

Essay music Persuasive therapy ..

Students will identify and explore the key theories in occupational therapy and those more specific to their emphasis area with an emphasis on those currently influencing clinical reasoning. Students will demonstrate an understanding of contemporary theories and be able to compare and contrast key theories. Students will develop rationales for theory guided interventions. Furthermore, they will develop an impact summary in their identified area of emphasis. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. LEC.

Music Therapy: Benefits & Uses for Anxiety and …

A proseminar conducted by the core graduate faculty in Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Science. Twice-monthly meeting will involve student and faculty presentations of their current research, as well as provide more opportunities to obtain feedback on research proposals. May be taken more than once for a total of fours credits. (Same as .) RSH.

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Fourth of four courses in which the student will use analytic methods to critically appraise existing literature from nurse anesthesiology and other disciplines to determine and implement the best evidence for practice. An exploration of the design, implementation and evaluation of quality improvement methodologies will lead the student to an appreciation of the safe, effective, efficient and timely delivery of patient-centered anesthesia care. Previous student knowledge in the domain of research analysis will be applied to the design of evidence-based interventions in current anesthesia practice. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. LEC.