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including the determination and expression of a woman’s unique identity Thesis Statement / Essay.
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Identity theft is also one of the fastest growing white collar crimes.

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One’s identity is never safe and can be stolen easier than they may think.

This conclusion is, of course, in agreement with Lewis's view thatthere are no genuine problems about identity as such (Lewis 1986, Ch.4), but it is in tension with the thought that sortal concepts, asdistinct from adjectival concepts, are to be characterised by theirinvolvement of criteria of identity as well as criteria ofapplication.

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Identity theft has become perhaps the defining crime of the information age, with an estimated 9 million or more incidents each year.[1] Example of identity theft thesis Held to service example of identity theft thesis the rale of about of Delaware Maryland and.

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According to Ballard, a journalist, who recognizes the Federal Trade Commission for capturing identity theft as the number one rank of consumer complaints (21).

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Cases of identity theft have increased over the years. Thieves have found more avenues and more innovative ways of stealing people’s identities. The increased use of the internet, particularly the social media is a great concern, since many people have not learnt to use it responsibly. People need to be educated and they need to have the right knowledge of using the internet, to avoid falling prey to identity thieves. They should take measures to reduce chances of being victims of identity theft. Preventing identity theft is better and more convenient than trying to solve the problem once it occurs.

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“According to the Secret Service, its investigations show a jump in potential losses due to identity theft, from $851 million in 1998 to $1.4 billion in 2000.” add citation from how stuff works There are many ways that thieve steal your identity, they may go through your trash, steal your wallet or purse....

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Identity theft is where someone can pretend to be someone else, and to make financial charges under the victim’s name, leaving all the troubles of fixing the victim’s financial troubles to the victim while the theft continues to steal until they either are caught or move on to another victim (Vacca 4)....