One of these difficult words is considered by many to be evil.

This bizarre conundrum has perplexed philosophers since the dawn of civilization, and remains in hot debate today because of the theological implications inherent in the statement.

Every decision that God makes is a good decision therefore God cannot do evil.

The concept of newspapers full of stories showing humanity’s evil suggests that there is something wrong with today’s world, but newspapers have always been full of such articles and events....

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From the brutal wars during the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, to the modern area of ethnic cleansing and genocide one cannot help but wonder what is the root cause of this evil....

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Through reading The Lord of The Flies and learning about various tragic events in history, I have come to the conclusion that yes, humans are somewhat evil.

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Harsh, perhaps, at first, but wickedness was never easily banished, and a clean heart was a scoured heart.” (Jackson 9) She believes that by sending the townspeople these letters she is acting like the ‘hero’ and fighting away evil.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne has filled this story symbolism, after reading this story the reader may have questions about Young Goodman Browns’ determination to journey towards his evil purpose.

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One of the conflicts in the story is self versus society because Miss Strangeworth believes the society she lives in is full of evil and she thinks it is her job to warn people of evil nearby and help them by sending anonymous letters.

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Beneath one's gentle exterior, there may be existence of evil within, and when that person harms another the evil is passed, spread and can perhaps form into a cycle.

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As a result, this is also dramatic irony because the reader knows that Miss Strangeworth has contradicted her own statement and her true feelings are the opposite of what she said.

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Ideas concerning evil have been strung along through the schools of theology, the minds of society, and the theories of philosophy throughout the history of mankind....