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This graph shows the steady increase in renewables (mostly wind power) and the particularly marked decrease in power from black coal-fired power stations.

The USA National Wildlife Federation has a  on 'Encouraging Renewable Energy'.

A key finding of the study was that wind farms generally had a negative effect on landscapes of higher scenic quality but a positive effect on landscapes of lower scenic quality.

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Wind power is the most economically viable form of renewable energy at present (2012).

Third, all systems of ethical beliefs are hypotheses about howhuman beings can live on Earth. As such, they make factualclaims. And like all factual claims, their truth or falsitydepends on empirical evidence. For this reason, the sequence ofbiological events which the general statement of the tragedy ofthe commons describes is of decisive importance for ethicaltheory. It shows
(1) that moral behavior must be grounded in a knowledge ofbiology and ecology,
(2) that moral obligations must be empirically tested to attainnecessary biological goals,
(3) that any system of moral practices is self-inconsistent whenthe behavior, which it either allows or makes morally obligatory,actually subverts the goal it seeks. Thus empirical criteria givea necessary (though not a sufficient) condition for acceptablemoral behavior. Regardless of the human proclivity torationalize, any system of ethical beliefs is mistaken if itspractice would cause the breakdown of the ecosystem whichsustains the people who live by it. Indeed, biological necessityhas a veto over moral behavior. Facts can refute moralbeliefs.

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The few relatively minor problems that wind farms cause should be balanced against the huge problems that will arise if we do not replace fossil fuel use with renewable energy such as wind power.

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Where the disagreement comes in is in the balance between the aesthetic value of a particular area and the urgency of the need for renewable energy and emissions reduction.

A General Statement of the Tragedy of the Commons

As in Hardin's original essay, the general statement ofthe tragedy of the commons also demonstrates that ethicalbehavior requires holistic or societal control. In the case ofmany nations, the most effective means for them to learn the needfor societal constraint may be for others to do nothing but standback and watch. Just as a good parent may let a child fall downand get up and fall again as it learns to walk, so, too, manynations may only discover the need to reduce their populationsand to limit their use of natural resources by allowing theirpeople to suffer through the task of learning to live within thecarrying capacity of their nation's boundaries.

A General Statement of the Tragedy of the Commons by Herschel Elliott

Trailing in size is the Lyxor New Energy ETF (). The fund tracks an even narrower benchmark, comprising only 20 of the largest global alternative energy stocks. Interestingly, the requirements for entry are broader, not just renewable energy such as solar, wind and biomass, but also firms involved in improving energy efficiency, which includes those producing energy meters, superconductors, micro turbines and fuel cells.

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(I've written on wind turbines and health on these pages.)Renewable energy sources displace conventional generation, which provide many ancillary services including things like voltage and frequency control.