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The average blood alcohol content among fatally injured drunk drivers is .17, and almost half of fatally injured drunk drivers have a blood alcohol content of .20 or higher.

Main Point I: I’d like to start off by talking about the penalties of drinking and driving.

Teens and other young people are over-represented in drunk driving accidents because they tend to be relatively inexperienced drivers, inexperienced consumers of alcohol, more likely to use illegal drugs, and they have a false sense of invincibility and immortality.

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Did you know that drunk driving is the nation’s most frequently committed violent crime?

III. Credibility Statement: I have gathered information from various online sources and periodicals to illustrate the importance of our undersea environment....

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A person that disagrees with me may say that they can multitask and do both drive and text but clearly by the statistics they cannot. No matter what if you are driving you need to be 100% focused on the road. Others may argue they text and have never been in or caused an accident and the law doesn’t apply to them or they are just texting a quick reply. I would tell them a deadly car crash only happens once, there is no second chance if you kill someone or yourself and it is not worth the risk. The statistics are very strong about how serious the consequences are. In 2008, 5,870 people lost their lives and an estimated 515,000 people were injured in police-reported crashes in which at least one form of driver distraction such as cell phone use or texting was reported on the police crash report.