- 2451515 Thesis Statement: Tobacco use is very dangerous.

Notice that this sentence is different in structure from the one you started with ("Drive-ins represent Americans' creativity and business ingenuity"). The "factual" information in the earlier statement has been incorporated into a dependent clause ("While drive-ins . . . ingenuity"). The contestable part of your idea then appears in the independent clause ("they also have affected our personal standards"). In other words, you are no longer focusing on a claim that most people would agree with; instead you are using the obvious as a point of departure for an idea you will need to "prove."

(Transition: Let’s take a look on what is the second reason why we should wear seat belt when driving car) II. The second point is can cultivate themselves too not violate government law....

What is on your mind when you leave the movies.

Consult the example below for suggestions on how to refine your draft thesis statement.

Stronger Thesis Statement:
Americans should eliminate the regular consumption of fast food because the fast food diet leads to preventable and expensive health issues, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

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Your thesis statement must make a
Writing your Thesis Statement
1) Pick your side

2) Make a claim

3) Provide a reason
Your thesis statement "
sets the stage
" for your entire argumentative essay.

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The harder
it is to get cigarettes, the less they will smoke them.

It is clear from the surveys and articles published that is on the

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Each of your body paragraphs should be
or further explaining an
aspect of your thesis.

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While you probably did not consciously notice all the smoke, the fact is that there were teenagers watching the movie that may now take up the habit because of what they saw on the screen.

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According to the Journal
of American Medical Association in 1996, "the addition of prevalence
of cigarette smoking marks the first time a behavior, rather than
disease or illness, has been considered nationally reportable" on the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list and According to the
American Lung Association, smoking-related disease claim an estimated
440,000 American lives each year.

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A recent study has also shown that babies exposed to
their mother's tobacco smoke before they are born grow up with reduced
lung function Parental smoking is also a risk factor for sudden infant
death syndrome which is also known as cot death.