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Work with two partners. Go back to in this lesson and compare your responses to Activity A, about Mariah’s paragraph, with your partners’. Recall Mariah’s purpose for writing and her audience. Then, working individually, list where you agree and where you disagree about revision needs.

We help you understand what a good thesis statement is with the help of examples.

According to the type of paper you are writing and the focus of the same, you may choose to use one of three types of thesis statements.

An analytical thesis provides a comprehensive insight to an important issue.

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A thesis statement allows the reader to understand the true focus of your paper.

A thesis statement can be direct or indirect. A direct thesis statement gives a specific outline of the essay. For example, one of my students (in his essay entitled ‘The Qualities of a Successful Technopreneur’) wrote the following thesis statement: “The three core qualities that a technopreneur must possess to be successful are vision, a never-say-quit attitude and an innovative mind.” This sentence tells the reader what the essay is going to be about (i.e. the qualities a technopreneur must possess in order to succeed) and provides a structural outline (i.e. that the essay will comprise three main parts, each portion respectively covering one of the three qualities mentioned).

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If you think that less than 30% of your classmates would agree (or disagree) with your statement, then you do not have an arguable sentence.
GOAL: even though your topic sentence should be arguable, you must word it strongly.

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If you have been incorporating each set of revisions as Mariah has, you have produced multiple drafts of your writing. So far, all your changes have been content changes. Perhaps with the help of peer feedback, you have made sure that you sufficiently supported your ideas. You have checked for problems with unity and coherence. You have examined your essay for word choice, revising to cut unnecessary words and to replace weak wording with specific and appropriate wording.

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You should not explain both sides in an argumentative essay.

NOTE: the topic sentence statement is NOT written as a question.

THE TEST: to test to see if your topic sentence is arguable, imagine that you read your sentence to the entire class.

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This means that readers should completely understand what the main point of your paragraph is going to be about.
GOAL: The topic sentence should be "arguable".