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The only effective means of recovering from sleep deprivation is to sleep. This restorative effect of sleep is well known (Kogi 1982). As recovery by sleep may differ according to its timing and duration (Costa et al. 1990), it is essential to know when and for how long people should sleep. In normal daily life, it is always the best to take a full night’s sleep to accelerate the recovery from sleep deficit but efforts are usually made to minimize sleep deficit by taking sleep at different occasions as replacements of normal night sleeps of which one has been deprived. Aspects of such replacement sleeps are shown in .

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Mental fatigue can be defined as a process of time-reversible decrement of behavioural stability in performance, mood and activity after prolonged working time. This state is temporarily reversible by changing the work demands, the environmental influences or stimulation and is completely reversible by means of sleep.

Conditions leading to sleep deprivation

There is much research to suggest that sleep deprivation may be harmful.

“This is not surprising,” says Bjørn Bjorvatn, Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Bergen and the leader of the National Expertise Service for Sleep Disorders.

Article: Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence

Mathis is a clinical neuroscience PhD student (starting in April 2016) and medical doctor. He studied biology and human medicine and joined the Neuroimaging Labs in 2012 as a diploma student. In his MD thesis he investigated the effects of sex steroid hormones on the neuronal correlates of facial emotion discrimination in a longitudinal 7 Tesla fMRI study. During the clinical practical training as a student, he worked at the Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin in Berlin, in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Compostela and at the Medical University of Vienna. He completed his 9m basic medical training (ENT, Psychiatry) at the General Hospital of Vienna in March 2017. At the moment he focuses on this scientific work concerning transcranial magnetic stimulation and the effects of sleep deprivation investigated with functional and molecular neuroimaging.

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A study of anthropological data by the author found that those societies which give their infants the greatest amount of physical affection have less theft and violence among adults, thus supporting the theory that deprivation of bodily pleasure during infancy is significantly linked to a high rate of crime and violence.