How to add search box in Thesis navigation bar

And if you only have a few menu items they won’t fill the entire width of your content box, which can leave your navigation tabs looking a bit lonely.

the Trove search box is populated with the code for the university concerned ..

If you rely on the Design Options screen (Fonts, Colors and More) to customise your navigation bar, you’ll only be able to affect the actual menu tabs, not the entire menu bar extending the width of your content box.

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In this workshop we cast a critical eye over the conventions of academic writing and consider their historical and socio-cultural roots. We reflect on how they both support, but also hamper, the production of knowledge and focus on why we may wish to nudge some of those well-established boundaries in response to the changing nature of work, universities and new ways we communicate. We look at examples of innovative PhD theses from the radical to the more restrained and try some techniques ourselves to explore ways that we can produce engaging research that has impact, uptake and rigour.