thesis photoblog procter and gamble research paper ..

Mad props to Andrew who showed me the light with his photoblog, .

Photoblog Awards
If you're not familiar with the phenomenon of photoblogging, check out the to see some people who really know how to take pitchers.

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Wordpress Photoblog Thesis - 768659 - Журнал Хозяин

Hey Ben – thank you so much for the skin! It’s officially up on my photoblog. I’m having some issues with the image slider, but I’m hoping to figure out how to fix the problem tonight. 🙂

Two New free Thesis Photoblog Skins - Thesis Theme

is definately on the photots as it should be with a photoblog.

Nice, and looks exactly like what I want for a photoblog, but it’s driving me crazy…the closest I have gotten is (with only 2 photos, working on “localhost”) is the first pic thumbnail badly cropped, main box empty or saying ERROR)…the error messages all tell me that they shouldn’t stop it from running. The dynamic gallery has been upgraded, so this is not the same… I suspect you would like more specific errors, but I also suspect there is one oversight I am making. All ideas welcome, thanks in advance.