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Acknowledgements: The updated information in this article is based on the author’s graduate student paper written for the course, Introduction to Science Philosophy (PPS 702), in 2001. The author is deeply grateful to professors Rudy C. Tarumingkeng, Ph.D. and Zahrial Coto, Ph.D. for their help.

The first link (2016 paper) leads to a paper of three portoguese authors.I think it is wrong.

I am strongly of the opinion, based on Nick’s follow-up article, that the paper needs to be retracted again, and should stay retracted. Giving one retry was already rather generous given the scope of the problems. Since the researchers’ own Excel files show that their data are not what they say they are, it seems unreasonable to expect valid results at this point.

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Does anyone have a link to the paper? I am curious as to how the authors handled the potential COI.

I note that the retract-and-replace does not address a key issue brought up in Nick’s original critique, namely that the paper says these were 8-12 year olds but multiple descriptions of this work in Wansink’s books refer to them as daycare children, and the original paper used the word “preliterate” of them. I don’t think we know how old they were, if indeed any children were ever tested at all.

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This article focuses on the benefits of the technology; however, thoughtful ethical decision-making cannot be ignored by the biotechnology industry, scientists, policy-makers, and the public. These ethical issues, better served in their own article, include questions such as:

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