Morrison, Toni, and Rokia Traoré. Desdemona. London: Oberon, 2012.

Primarily reprints of essays in (cited under ), with two essays published in later issues of the same journal. Essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in Morrison. Includes Peterson herself on the “reconstruction of African-American history” (p. 201). Reprints the Nobel lecture and has a useful (relatively early) bibliography.

She mostly focuses on issue of gender and community as in the story of Sula.

Innovative, sophisticated and very well-informed discussion of Beloved, Jazz, and Paradise in relation to The Black Book (, cited under ), focusing on themes of historical recovery and collective memory.

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In “Cry, the Beloved Country” characters often wrestle with this issue.

Takes issue with Morrison’s attempts, in her forewords to the Vintage editions of eight of the novels published from 2005 onward, to control her own reception and the interpretation of her texts.

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Lewis, Vashti Crutcher. “African Tradition in Toni Morrison’s Sula.” In Wild Women in the Whirlwind: Afro-American Culture and the Contemporary Literary Renaissance. Edited by Joanne Braxton and Andrée Nicola McLaughlin, 316–325. London: Serpent’s Tale, 1990.

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Peterson, Nancy J, and John Duvall, eds. Special Issue: On Incendiary Art, The Moral Imagination, and Toni Morrison. Modern Fiction Studies 52.2 (2006).

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Lewis uses the presence of references to West African culture and traditions to assert an (implicitly exclusive) black, non-European context in which to interpret Morrison. The anthology in which the essay is placed is invaluable for a sense of Morrison’s position in the 1970s and early 1980s.

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Thirteen essays. Includes Christian on Woolf and Morrison, Moreland’s comparison of Beloved and Twain, and Woidat on Beloved and Hawthorne. Then four grouped under the theme of “nihilism,” three on Beloved, and two on “the vitality of language.” Contains bibliographical materials at the end.

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Of the nine essays, three address Paradise, three are on A Mercy, one looks at Beloved, one examines the Aesop adaptations, and one is on “Recitatif.” The most cited is Babb’s outstanding reading of A Mercy in relation to Early American texts. Also contains ten reviews of recent books on Morrison.