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By 1890, the mill had changed hands again and belonged to C.T. Phillips & Son who suffered a mill fire in the rag grinding department of what was called Spring Mill, Flushdyke and this is assumed to be the same mill as described previously.11 In 1891, C.T. Phillips and Son were reported as having fitted a Grinnell sprinkler at their mill at Flushdyke.12 If the mill owned by the Phillips family is the same Spring Mill as Oliver Nettleton had leased, it appears that by 1897 and some considerable time after Oliver Nettleton had died in 1892, a schedule of machinery at the Spring Mill site was drawn up by his executors.13 The Nettleton family leased the mil until 1897 as Oliver Nettleton & Son, but in 1897 there was an advertisement to let the main mill, which was described as consisting three storeys and an attic, 72ft by 43ft with a weaving shed 90ft by 42ft plus stores with a pattern weaving room over. There were warping, twisting, willeying and finishing sheds, a steam engine, five condenser sets, six self-acting mules, twenty power looms, six cottages, several closes of land, Whitley Spring Wood and Beck Ing and a reservoir totalling in all 10 acres, 1 rood and 3 perches.14 A month later, there was another advertisement for an auction at Spring Mill of the manufacturer's stock of wool, shoddy, mungo, bobbins and baskets after the decline of the business of Oliver Nettleton & Son.15

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Sadly, tragedy was to play a part in the eventual demise of Hepworth Brothers as a business concern. By 1956, Bernard Hepworth who was the founder of the firm had retired and his three sons, Joseph, Ernest and Thomas Hepworth were now running the business. In November 1956, the eldest son, Joseph Hepworth had a serious accident in the dyehouse, which resulted in his death. Joe Hepworth had been a Japanse PoW during WW2 and arrived back in England from his ordeal in very poor shape. It took him several years to recover physically, but the mental scars never left him. It isn't clear whether the accident at Owl Lane Mill when he fell into a vat of boiling dye was related to his treatment at the hands of the Japanese. However, Joe Hepworth was the business brain of the company and his early death resulted in the break-up of the firm. The mill premises, which were very modern, were taken over by Moores bakery. After an extensive clean-up and re-modelling of the premises, production of "Moores Luxury Loaf" continued for many years. The premises are still owned by the Rank, Hovis MacDougal Group and at present the site is used to manufacture breadcrumbs.

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This makes the German Design Council one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the field of design.

Jerry believes there’s no one way or medium to approach the process of design. He loves modern multi-use architecture that could be easily constructed, relocated, or recycled. He received his Bachelors in Architecture from UC Berkeley, where a driving factor behind his studies was learning about multi-functional spaces that can accommodate a variety of uses. He’s excited to be working at Blitz because of every project’s attention to design detail from a micro to macro scale.

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Mera Art introduce Digital Textile Printing on lawn, cotton, lilen, Satin cotton and mulmul / malmal fabric and cotton Ect fabrication with apply for latest fashion trend follow the world.
and can also be apply on Pure silk and synthetic fabric.
Digital lawn print it can also be use as Digital eastern Fashionable part of Dresses Kurties, Kameez / kamiz , Shalwar and Duppata / dupatta.
Digital cotton print and also use as an Islamic Fashion with Digital trends like Burqa, Hijab, Abaya, stole and Scarfs.
Digital cotton and lawn prints or Fashion designing is also applicable on western outfits like maxes, pants, shirts, tie , tops, handkerchief etc can be use with customization trend.

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Ambrosia is a founding member of Blitz and takes her role within the company very seriously. Whether she is greeting clients at the door or ensuring all treats served are of the highest quality, Ambrosia is the epitome of a team player. At 19.4 pounds, she packs quite the punch and keeps the office safe should anyone with an eye on our designs try some funny business.

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A Cincinnati, Ohio native, Justin likes to pride himself as a pragmatic advocate for great architecture. Influenced by the rich American culture, his creative designs are developed with people in mind. He is passionate about understanding a client’s visions and delivering powerful projects and turning his strong ideas into meaningful buildings.