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Several years ago I received a telemarketing call, and I did something I've never done before. I made the telemarketer laugh. I mean not just a chuckle, but a hearty laugh. The telemarketer called and asked me if I had received my car keys in the mail last week. I said that I had not. "Well," she said, "I have good news. We have an extra set here at our office. All you need to do is come down to our service center to learn about our products, pick up your keys, and you will have chance to start a 2006 Chevy Blazer. If it starts, you get to keep the vehicle." "Oh," I said, "I really don't like Chevy Blazers". I was really trying to politely end the call. "Really?" she said. She changed strategies, "Well, how about $15,000? We have a drawing for $15,000 cash!" By now my food was getting cold so I said, "Yeah...I really wouldn't like $15,000 either." And that was when we both started laughing. I really didn't care about $15,000 at that moment. I just want to eat and to be done with that call.

42 Telemarketing, Telesales, Inside Sales and Cold Calling Sales Training Tips

We’re going to travel through every part of the professional telesales- telemarketing and cold call, in order, discussing proven tips that can help you right now. Let’s go!

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Cold calling, inside sales, telesales, and telemarketing training by Art Sobczak

1. Have a primary objective for every telemarketing call, defined as, “What do I want them to DO as a result of this call, and what do I want to do?”