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This management area has been described by many names, including physical distribution, materials management, transportation management, Inventory, logistics, Purchasing, Procurement and supply chain management.

This Program unifies these elements to assist in the effective management of the supply chain.

What is more, admit it or not, construction project management is a very complicated subject matter to handle. This will for sure require substantial research so you can correctly, precisely and concisely convey the information and message you would like to share.

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BIHRM is official strategic partner of Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM),UK.

Logistical activities have always been vital to organizations, and so business logistics and supply chain management represents a synthesis of many concepts, principles, and methods from the more traditional areas of marketing, production, accounting, purchasing, inventory and transportation, as well as organizational behavior, and economics.

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The number of companies recruiting our master's in supply chain management graduates continues to grow each year, which is why more than 90% of our students receive job offers by graduation–and why you’ll find SCM alumni working across the globe in a wide variety of industries.

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Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management Foundation is the premier & international standard H.R.M/Management/SCM professional education & training institute of Bangladesh, Established in 2003. BIHRM is a non political, non profitable and charitable autonomous foundation which is registered by the Government of Bangladesh, Ministry of Commerce, Registrar of Joint stock companies & firms under society registration Act, 1860.
BIHRM is run by University teachers, H.R/SCM/Management specialists, High ranking Official of various esteemed organizations. It Maintains close relation with similar International Institutions and Associations specially Asia Pacific, UK & USA, Canada based H.R/SCM/Management organizations.

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Started in 2002 by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, the Thesis Partners give SCM students the opportunity to work closely with professionals on a challenging supply chain problem, and gives companies access to a student or student team that bring new insight and approaches to a current supply chain project. Most SCM students are paired with sponsoring companies to work on innovative and challenging supply chain research projects through the Thesis Partners program.

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They have all been based on the same design and construction technology methods.
From your review of the full range of projects procurement strategies in Task One, identify and describe an alternative procurement strategy, with supporting notes explaining the reasons for your recommendation.
(Learning Outcome 3 – Review the procurement options and contractual provisions, not only within the UK, but also across the major continents of the world)
i) Undertake a brief review of the full range of UK construction contracts and recommend a suitable contract form that will complement the selected project procurement in both Task One and Two
ii) The client future plans are to go global, and have indicated that their first office block will be constructed in Dubai, Review and recommend the most appropriate legal forms of contract for project situated within the Middle East for Task One and Task Two.
(Learning outcome 4 – Evaluate and apply supporting procurement administrative procedures such as Value, Risk and Supply chain management, including Whole Life Costing, Modern Methods of Construction and Sustainable Design solutions)
Utilizing the four RICS Risk Allowance Categories of defined project risk, identify and describe two high risks, threats from each of the four categories (therefore eight in all).