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The study will state the effect of motivation on productivity, establishing that proper motivational tools affect positively the performance and productivity of workers in EBCSDA.

 iii. Have these motivational tools affected the performance and productivity in EBCSDA?

However, the work from home situation can also have some drawbacks .The employee get less opportunity to interact with their team members and thus it can affect team work. Productivity can also get affected if employee focus diverts from work to house chores.

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The opportunity to work from home provides employees the flexibility to manage a better balance between their professional and personal lives. This acts as a motivation and results in increased productivity. For instance, many working mothers find it useful, since they can adjust their schedule to match their family needs. It also results in less or no travel time for the employees . Employees can also save money by cutting down on office space and infrastructure requirement.

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Low productivity of workers in public organizations has disturbed the minds of behavioural scientists and managers all over the world. A lot of research work has been conducted in a bid to find out how best workers can be motivated to achieve optimum performance.

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Motivation can be properly or improperly achieved and can either hinder or improve productivity. Management must understand that they are dealing with human beings, not machines, and that motivation involves getting people to do something because they want to do it. This cannot be achieved without knowing what is important to associates. Management must use the proper incentives to achieve the desired results. Simply stated, if the proper motivational environment is in place, managers will be rewarded with productive associates.

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The main objective of this research work is to appraise motivation as an instrument capable of influencing or enhancing productivity of organizations. The study therefore intends to achieve the following:

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The Management of Ebonyi State Community and Social Development Agency is therefore faced with the problem of how to motivate the workers and manage the organization in order to enhance productivity and thereby meeting set goals.

styles and the job productivity of university library staff.

It is very important for every manager to identify the needs of his work force and make effort to satisfy them in order to achieve optimum performance. Management of every organization should realize that motivation of employees starts with the recognition that workers’ actions are influenced by their needs.