In the Dictionary Love is a strong feeling of affection.

Hi, I wana share a big issue gng on in my 21, hindu n deeply in lv wth a muslim guy frm last 4 years. The guy loves me truly n deeply, very caring & cooperative, is also ready t convert t hinduism 4 me, our parents got t noe bot us alot of tyms n r strictly against it specially my parents, they r threatening him on fone n stuff, I cnt imagne my lyf widout him plz help ;(

People show signs of betrayal and deception through their interactions with each other.

This is so perfect. Extremely well written. Only a fool can disagree.
I explained the same things to my girl. (She is a post graduate and working in an MNC)
she fails to understand the same. She says her parents will disown forever.
She thinks if she sacrifices love for her parents sake, parents will be happy and i can be happy as i deserve a better girl.
How do i convince her she is being a moron by trying to be a Mother teresa?
Thanks for reading..

Your entire “thesis” on love marriage is “mindblowing”.

please advise me somthing –
actually i am yadav boy and my grlfrnd is jaat. we are in relationship from last 4 years.
my family is agree but her family not agree, and very disappointed with our relation.
i know she loves me a lot or she wil never will happy away from me. but her family is not acpeting our relation. her father said that he will sucide if she will something wrong.
for that she is agree to get sagaayi in these coming navratras. but i know she is not happy and me too not happy but she is sacrificing her life for her father ki kahii vo sucide na kr le.
last she meet me and said i will never happy but i dont have option. if i take any step my father will sucide so cant court marrige too with yu so please leave me alone and u also marry someone else. but i know and she also know that we will not happy with somone else.
please advise me what i should do beacause without her support i cant do anything and i cant force her and i dont want but i m conitnue suggesting her please understand but she is jst imgening abt her father. not about yourself and not abt me
please advise my life is hell without her and her life too and she know tht.

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The audience sees this through the way Othello begins to speak (4.1, 35-40)
The play
has prevalent themes of Jealousy, Love, and Betrayal through the characters, development of the plot, and the hidden morals within each theme.

I have to write an essay about betrayal

I think it’s very clear that their child’s happiness – while important – is not a determining factor for them so far as this decision is concerned. (Otherwise why on Earth would they deliberately want their child to get married to someone other than the one they’re already deeply in love with?)

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Hey, happened to visit this blog. I appreciate the way things are seen from a practical viewpoint. However in love marriages, a lot of emotions are involved which makes the situations quite tensing. I am a girl from Haryana working in a good organization with a decent income, the guy whom i love works with tripple than my income and with a top MNC. age gap is 4 years. The only problem is I am from a typical jaat family and he is another caste.
I have tried ALL possible things to convince my parents. To all surprises, i have been beaten, terrorised by Honour killings, got locked up in room, got paralysis, fevers, Everything. Everytime they cross lines, to cool down things, I tell them that i will do according to their wish. But now i am 29yrs!!! BF is 32 years!!! Peak time to think-What next!!!, But i know even if i elope they will kill us. I am such a emotional fool that even now i want to convince them. i start crying of thinking my own situation.
We talk a lot about parents, sacrifices, But this also is one aspect, Rude parents can go to any extent.
The only option we are left is to leave jobs and try for any other country VISA. only God knows what will happen then?
Tell me India – Any suggestions now, Any answers???

Thesis : examples of three kinds of betrayal include ..

There are many themes and issues conveyed through the characters of ‘Animal Farm’, but two that Orwell portrayed the ideas and really stuck out to me were power and betrayal....

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You may want to pick one character (Iago or Othello perhaps?) and focus on one issue.(O) 15 The role of jealousy, love and betrayal play a major role in The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice.