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Langsdale Library provides for the cost of binding the Langsdale copy. Students may also have additional copies bound at $10 per copy. Langsdale accepts payment by cash or checks made payable to “University of Baltimore.”

Effective Monday, January 22, 2018, Warrior Cards will be handled at the University Library.

Research in nuclear theory centers on problems in , including double-beta decay, the r-process, and atomic electric dipole moments. Another key effort involves through Monte Carlo techniques and density functional theory. In addition, our group constructed and maintains the most advanced thermonuclear reaction and decay library in the world, called , which provides a foundation for computer models of stellar evolution and explosions.

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Effective Monday, January 22, 2018, Warrior Cards will be handled at the University Library.

Some of the more simple applications can be created by using the canned tool sets and functionality provided in the GIS software. For example, ESRI’s ArcGIS software package includes a macro language called Model Builder that allows users with no knowledge of programming languages create a series of automated tasks, also called workflows, which can be chained together and executed multiple times to reduce the redundancy associated with many types of GIS analyses. The more complex applications will most likely require the use of the GIS software’s native macro language or to write original code using some compatible programming language. To return to the example of ESRI products, ArcGIS provides the ability to develop and incorporate user-written programs, called scripts, into to standard platform. These scripts can be written in the Python, VBScript, JScript, and Perl programming languages.

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Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation to UB's Knowledge Works and Digital Dissertations
Langsdale Library supports an open-access institutional repository called , which allows students and faculty to publish their scholarly and creative works for other researchers to access. Students are required to submit a digital copy of their thesis or dissertation in KnowledgeWorks.

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The design reflects elements of Changzhou’s southern Chinese culture and the city’s prominent water features. The building modules – which cantilever bridge-like in a large arc – consist of six 45 metre-high pavilions which vary significantly inside with their different architectural functions, but form a visual whole from the outside. The space between the art gallery to the east and the science and technology museum to the west forms the public plaza in the center of Changzhou. With its water features and generous landscaping, it provides an inviting ambiance and serves as a meeting point in the district.

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- Binding fees should be paid at the Circulation Desk during regular library hours. The charge for this service is $20 per copy. The cost may be paid in cash, by personal check made out to "Falvey Memorial Library" or Wildcard. Credit cards are NOT accepted for payment. Departmental payments should be sent to the Collections Directorate (rm. 232), second floor, on an IOC with the student's name, number of copies, and the account number to be charged.

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With its material and colour, the façade picks up on the regional building tradition: staggered grey slate creates a solid external impression which is contrasted by the bright surfaces with white elements and transparent glass façades on the inside of the buildings.