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Black Swan Dexteritas Inc. is a private, independent investment management firm. We are a registered Investment Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager, Commodity Trading Manager and Exempt Market Dealer with the Ontario Securities Commission.

MARCH 2012 – Incorporated as a Canadian, Ontario based, investment management company

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JULY 2013 – BSD initiates the systematic Global Technology Hedge Fund investment thesis

To see where thedifferent investment philosophies fit into investing, let us begin by lookingat the process of creating an investment portfolio. Note that this is a processthat we all follow – amateur as well as professional investors - thoughit may be simpler for an individual constructing his or her own portfolio thanit is for a pension fund manager with a varied and demanding clientele.

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Premier Investment Management: The ARK Team has over 50 years of commercial real estate investment experience, including financing, investing, and underwriting over $5 billion in transaction volume. Senior team members have a long history of working together, and have demonstrated the necessary technical skills and experience required to achieve superior returns. ..

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Market Focus: ARK provides viable financing solutions to owner-developers who face difficulties in refinancing their properties, and in acquiring new real estate assets. ARK takes a non-traditional “Out-of-the-Box” approach to re-structuring, re-capitalizing and creatively addressing the challenges faced by many in the industry.

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These parts of theprocess are summarized in Figure 1.1, and we will return to this figure toemphasize the steps in the process as we consider different investmentphilosophies. As you will see, while all investment philosophies may have thesame end objective of beating the market, each philosophy will emphasize adifferent component of the overall process and require different skills forsuccess.

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Geographic Focus on Known Markets: The management team has intimate knowledge of the demand drivers of real estate markets. Understanding the regional and local supply and demand dynamics, economic trends, and legal frameworks is key to navigating pitfalls and executing transactions.

Orocobre: A Valuation-Based Investment Thesis

Itis worth noting that the same investment philosophy can spawn multipleinvestment strategies. Thus, a belief that investors consistently overestimatethe value of growth and under estimate the value of existing assets can manifestitself in a number of different strategies ranging from a passive one of buyinglow PE ratio stocks to a more active one of buying such companies andattempting to liquidate them for their assets. In other words, the number ofinvestment strategies will vastly outnumber the number of investmentphilosophies.