Top graphs: RTT from the near side of each interconnection link.

Our IX-aware topology map can augment this view with lower-level information about where connectivity between two ASes is established: at an IX or not, and within or outside the region of interest.

It is the study of interaction between drivers, vehicles, and infrastructure.

Although there is wide recognition of the limitations of the existing Internet topology maps, and in particular of the need to move beyond modeling ASes as single nodes connected bilaterally with single links [,], no one has actually attempted this task at scale, much less produced ongoing snapshots of such maps, annotated and validated to the largest extent possible.

COMPSCI 244P. Introduction to the Internet of Things. 4 Units.

Congestion occurs when there is overcrowding on roadways that’s causes traffic jams.

Basic principles of human-computer interaction (HCI). Introduces students to user interface design techniques, design guidelines, and usability testing. Students gain the ability to design and evaluate user interfaces and become familiar with some of the outstanding research problems in HCI.

Network queue management and congestion control …

Previous efforts to provide Internet maps at finer granularities than the AS-level have focused on either router-level or Points-of-Presence (PoP) level graphs, both of which have daunting research challenges in construction as well as use.

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Respectively located to the north and south of the Watershed, the Dayton International Airport and the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport provide another transportation option....

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This course will attempt to provide a comprehensive understanding of the evolution, the technologies, and the tools of the Internet. In particular, issues pertaining to the World Wide Web and Multimedia (HTML, CGI, Web based applications) will be discussed in detail.

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Inferring a valid router graph that captures a representative fraction of the core of the Internet requires significant measurement and analysis of massive traceroute data [], and also results in a hypergraph, but one that can be three orders of magnitude larger than the corresponding AS-level graph, imposing computational costs that inhibit its practical use for some problems.

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Analysis of ICW indicates that 75% of popular webservers implement the older ICW regime of an initial congestion window of two or less packets, as compared to 96% in previous studies.