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ms13 is a kickass gang. js. i dont understand gangs to be honest because wats the purpose of killing people for power? if you want power so badly play monoply.

Gangs destroy teenager lives and destroy their chances for a good education and happy life.

The concentration of human and social problems within these zones is not the inevitable “natural” result of some abstract laws of nature but rather the actions of some of the most powerful groups in a city (urban planners, politicians, wealthy business leaders, and so on). Thrasher’s Theory of Gangs Frederic Thrasher did the first detailed study of gangs in Chicago in the 1920sHe concluded that the control mechanisms of local institutions is revealed by:the disintegration of family lifeinefficiency of schoolsformalism and externality of religioncorruption and indifference in local politicslow wages and monotony in occupational activitiesUnemploymentLack of opportunity for wholesome recreation.All these factors enter into the picture of the moral and economic frontierCoupled with deterioration in the housing, sanitation, and other conditions of life in the slum, gives the impression of general disorganization and decay.The gang functions with reference to these conditions in two waysIt offers a substitute for what society fails to giveIt provides a relief from suppression and distasteful behavior.

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Examines the growth and spread of prison gangs throughout the country. Relationships between prison and street gangs, and possible relationships with foreign drug trafficking organizations studied. Violence examined as the standard to establish dominance in and out of prison.


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Gangs Introduction: Prison gangs are prevalent in today's penitentiaries.

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The topic of gangs is quite important and stressing, because only in the US there are 30,000 gangs, with 760,000 members who are dangerous for people around. Many people all over the world are targets of the attack of various gangs who do it from different motives and purposes. The topic about gangs should present the historical background of the problem, deep analysis of the functioning of gangs, their structure, and reasons of creation and results of their activity. Quite useful will be tables and graphs with statistics on the topic. Finally, a good research paper should present the ways which are helpful for people to protect themselves from the attacks and various tips with useful advice how to act when you face gang members on the street.

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Gangs have a very complicated and strict structure or organization. There is always the head of a gang. This gang member is probably the oldest one and likely possesses the smallest criminal record and they always have great authority and power to control the activity of the gang and recruit new members. The members of the gangs often try to identify themselves with clothes, haircuts, various symbols or signs.