2).Prior to the implementation, Nestle

This contract allows us build a massive local retail network in an effort to lay the foundations of long-term strategic partnerships. We are looking for partners who can help us develop the THESIS ERP business in the region, in sales as well as in implementation and support services.

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Now … a different company, in an entirely different industry, applied DDMRP into a make-to-stock Division and a make-to-order Division. This is Oregon Freeze Dry, the world’s largest custom freeze drier.

4).Most importantly, the ERPimplementation at Nestle

The empirical part comprises a multiple case study of ERP implementationin four SMEs.

The technology works with existing ERP systems, and is “agnostic” – you do not have to have drunk any flavor of kool-aid to be qualified to use it, and it won’t send mixed messages to your people if you’re a long way down the road with a particular management philosophy.

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The purpose of this research project is to explore the influences ofthe SME context on the ERP system implementation, addressing the following overallresearch question: How does the SME context affect ERP system implementation?

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A list of characteristics, which typify theSME context and could potentially influence on ERP implementation, is synthesizedfrom relevant literature.