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Branding promotes culture, it is indeed an HR function because of its power to attract and retain employees. Working together with marketing, HR must develop a compelling brand image for the workforce. Great companies do not create an external brand for customers and an internal brand to attract employees. Instead, they leverage their external brand for internal recruiting.

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Even small organizations deal increasingly with customers and employees on a global basis. Great companies know how to think globally and comply locally. They act like a global organization, yet an understanding of the local environment permeates every relationship. Making global differences a part of corporate culture is a valuable endeavor. Indeed, diversity itself is a source of greatness. Organizational headquarters that have the attitude that “corporate knows best” will have a difficult time instilling a viable culture.

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For years companies have been moving away from hierarchical, structured environments because they are neither effective for organizing nor comfortable for employees. HR needs to mirror this movement by allowing employees — particularly managers — to be flexible, adaptable, and nimble. For example, instead of restricting a creative requisition that strays from an exact, predefined job description and salary range, HR can allow for variances that fit special circumstances. Guidelines, rules, and benchmarks are important, but flexibility is even more critical, particularly where people are concerned. Collaboration with all constituents requires adaptability. Organizations today are less about physical structure than logical structure supported by technology. Before doing anything else, HR must create a flexible environment where top prospects seek to be employed. This is a place where employees look forward to coming to work, enjoy working while they’re there, feel they play an important role in the company, and want to stay because the company is continuing to develop them and care about them.

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Leveraging an Essential Player: Technology : Meeting today’s HR challenges would be impossible without technology, a critical practice in and of itself. Most people want to work for companies that have good technology. For example, college graduates accustomed to using the internet for their work, research, thesis, and case studies expect the latest technology on the job. Given the widespread availability of technology, a company lacking in this component will not qualify as an employer of choice for the emerging workforce.

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Recruiting and Retaining Over Time: Given suitably competitive offerings with respect to compensation, culture is an organization’s number one recruitment and retention tool. In an employer-of-choice environment, it is not necessary to pay top dollar if other key factors are in place. See value in pursuing the best and brightest. Simultaneously, future talent shortages and the expense of recruiting over retention give these employers a consistently keen eye for keeping their top performers. Make every employee in the company a recruiter.

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Becoming and remaining an employer of choice is the top-ranking HR-related challenge organizations face today. Establishing employer-of-choice status is HR’s responsibility, and if HR does this well, all other practices become subordinate to this goal. The most important objective on the people side of the business is establishing a place where individuals want to work and remain working. HR should be concerned with providing potential, current and even past employees with this environment. Employees need a culture, a place in which to grow and feel good about their surroundings.