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For example, PTE General certificates that check 4 language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking:

• dismiss from the doctoral examination in the area of modern foreign language (a candidate does not need to take the exam)– the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 22 October 2011

• are recognized by the Ministry of National Education as a confirmation of the language skills required from those who want to work as English teachers – The Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 17 April 2012

• are recognized by the Civil Service as a confirmation of a good/ sufficient command of the English language (The Regulation of the Prime Minister of 16 December 2009) as well as by many employers in Poland and abroad.

The teaching aids used in higher education depend on the specialisation and subject.

Besides this, certain higher education institutions organise departments for initial teacher training for teaching the languages of national minorities in Pre-tertiary education.

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The teaching aids used in higher education depend on the specialisation and subject.


Programmes launched between the academic years 1992/93 and 2006/07 at the latest are based on the requirements laid down in the 1992 Ordinance of the Minister of National Education on the outline timetables, minimum curriculum requirements for compulsory subjects and curricula approved for use in initial teacher training institutions.

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Admission requirements

Admission to higher education for every cycle of academic studies – first degree (bachelor), master, and doctorate – is organised based on the admission methodology of each university, with the observance of the legislation in force.

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Branches of Study

Master-degree studies aims at extending competences into several fields of the long-term higher education specialisation graduated.

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The final curricula for each subject are elaborated by the higher education institutions departments according to these specific standards, analysed by the departments’ councils, and approved by university senates.

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The exam commissions are established through decision of the rector of the higher education institution organizing the exams, based on the propositions of the faculty, college or department councils.

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