Epideixis: Thesis – On Terrorism

Frame Semantics and the 'Internal Point of View,' Current Legal Issues Colloquium: Law and Language (Michael Freeman & Fiona Smith eds.) Oxford University Press.

Agamben, Giorgio | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

There are two main ways to think of the positive and negative deixes (metaterms 7 and 8). One way is to think of them as intensifying a term by affirming a semantic value and simultaneously negating the opposite of that value (for example, white and not-black). This is the perspective we used in designing our square of the feminine/masculine opposition. (A "macho" man thus overstates the so-called virile personality traits, while at the same time understating the supposedly feminine traits).

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"The results suggest that the demands of conceptual reanalysis are associated with conceptual mapping and incongruity in both literal and metaphorical language, which supports the position of blending theory that there is a shared mechanism for both metaphoric and literal language comprehension."