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Traditionally, customer satisfaction is used to evaluate quality of products or services and treated as one-dimensional meaning customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction results from fulfillment and unfulfillment of customer attributes () or the higher the perceived product quality, the higher the customer satisfaction and vice versa (). The earlier concept of two-dimensional quality was released by book “The Motivation to Work" in 1959. wrote Work and Nature of Man to elaborate on the Two-Factor Theory (also known as Motivation-Hygiene (M-H) Theory) which posits and job dissatisfaction result from separate factors. In other words, the opposite of is not job dissatisfaction but, rather, no ; similarly, the opposite of job dissatisfaction. Besides, motivator factors (for example, recognition for achievement) are the primary causes of , while hygiene factors (for example, working conditions) are the primary causes of job dissatisfaction ().

of customer satisfaction and services rendered in the banking industry in Malaysia.

Presents the skills to be successful in an extremely competitive business sales environment. Includes customer qualification, prospecting, sales message, sales demonstration, handling objections, closing techniques, and telemarketing and customer service activities.

Thesis on service quality and customer satisfaction pdf.

In addition to empowerment, OI (H5),JS (H6) and CO (H7) were tested as antecedentsof perceived service quality. Results found that OI, JS, and COsignificantly predicted perceived service quality at the .05 level,which supports all three hypotheses. The research findings revealthat OI significantly and positively affects CO, in support ofhypothesis 8. Next, the analysis fails to support a causalrelationship between JS and CO (p > .05).

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One of the major limitations of the researchfindings pertains to the use of cross-sectional data from oneparticular Extension system. This shows a very narrow sampling poolthat minimizes the generalizability of our findings to otherExtension offices and limits our ability to make inferencesconcerning other Extension systems. Although the research findingscan be transplanted to other Extension offices, caution must be takenin the execution phase to ensure that the maximum outcome ofincreased productivity is achieved. In the future, researchers areencouraged to embark on multi-state studies where collaborativeefforts with other personnel are solicited to strengthen thecurrently tested model. In closing, we conclude that improvedExtension employee performance as it relates to service quality isattainable as a direct function of OI, CO, JS, and empowerment.

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The philosophies, tools, and techniques to identify and meet internal and external customer needs. Emphasis on the importance of satisfying the customer's perception of quality as a strategic necessity in Operations Management. Topics include Total Quality Management (TQM), quality control, statistical process control, and Six Sigma.

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Introduction of fundamental issues pertinent to any business - planning organization, staffing, and controlling. It discusses areas the sports manager is likely to encounter while conducting business, such as federal legislation influencing the sport business, employment related issues, funding and budgeting, risk management, site selection and customer service.

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The Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System (KRTS) in Taiwan has been operated since April 2008. The KRTS consists of two lines with thirty eight stations and the total length is 42.7 km. The expected average daily passenger volume of KRTS in the planning period is set to 360,000 in 2009 and 500,000 in 2010, but no more than 130,000 passengers daily have been reached in average figure per month by the end of May 2010. Thus, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation continues to rack up a heavy loss due to low passenger volume. Though attracting more passengers for KRTS seems to be a critical issue, have stated that retaining customers is far more important from the viewpoints of marketing management since losing a customer means not only losing more than a single sale but also losing the entire stream of purchase that the customer would make over a lifetime of patronage. Specifically, considered delight customer is the major way to retain customers because delighted customers will remain loyal and talk favorably to others about the company and its products or services. Under such circumstances, if KRTS passengers or users can be delighted, they will continuously take KRTS transit service and talk favorably to others. Thus, more and more passengers will be attracted to resolve the problem of low passenger volume.