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AnkitaChaturvedi, Sanjiv Sharma [] proposed IIDSAODV is based on checking the second RREP message and uses the sequence number is a 32 bit unsigned integer the Highest value (HSN). Check second RREP, the difference between the broadcasted and received destination sequence number is calculated and compared to the half of the highest possible sequence number (HSN). The difference should be less than or equal to (HSN/2). If second RREP pass then only the source node switches to this path. If checked fails the source node continue to send the data through the path by first RREP. In Black hole decrease the PDR of AODV by 83.79%, in case IDSAODV and IIDSAODV increase by 40.41% and 78.16%. Decrease throughput of AODV by 77.86%, in case IDSAODV and IIDSAODV increase by 20.66% and 73.59%. Decrease end-to-end delay of AODV by 88.74%, in case IDSAODV and IIDSAODV increase by 44.15% and 71.61%.

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Hence, balancing the load in a MANET is important because the nodes in MANET have limited communication resources such as bandwidth, buffer space, and battery power.

Analysis of Black Hole attack on MANETs-thesis

In this study to analyze the comparison between with and without attacks

Key words: MANET, Black Hole Attack, AODV.

[1] Lidong Zhou and Zygmunt J.

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Ad-hoc network can be defined as a collection of number of mobile nodes which makes a temporary network. Black hole can be defined as a malicious node which on any request of route replies in an incorrect manner as if it has new route to the goal and then it drops all incoming packets. Loss will be very high if malicious nodes work collectively. This attack can be defined as cooperative black hole attack.

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A Mobile Ad hoc Network is a collection of two or more devices connect with another nodes with flexibility and nodes can connect and leave the network easily. The unreliability of wireless networks lack on infrastructure and a lot of attacks can communicate with the wireless network. In the Black hole attack, the malicious node absorbs the data. MANET Disadvantages all packets and traffic in the network are dropped by Black hole node. Black hole node has the shortest path in the entire network by sending fake route reply. In this paper, propose the effect of the Black hole attack on the network performance using AODV protocol. The proposed process uses the AODV Encryption decryption to detect the Black hole attack. AODV Encryption decryption is modification of AODV protocol to reduce the effect of Black hole attack by adding Encrypt/Decrypt function in AODV protocol.

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Keywords: MANET Security, AODV Routing Protocol, ns-2, Wireless Ad hoc Networks, Attacks in Wireless Ad hoc Network, solution to black hole attack

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...ata, gain authentication by inserting false packets into the data stream or modifying packets transition through the network. MANETS are very popular but they are also exposed to may types of attacks =-=[8, 9]-=-. Various attacks associated in MANET. 3.1 Black hole: Malicious node advertises itself having the shortest path to the node whose packets it wants to interrupt. 3.2 Wormhole Attack: In wormhole attac...