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It is to be noted that according to new Law 4186/2013, a new independent administrative authority is established, under the title "National Examinations Organisation", which is supervised by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs.

State supervision is carried out by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs.

Study programmes can be taught in whole or in part, exceptionally, in a foreign language, based on a decision of the rector (or President of TEI) , issued upon proposal of the deanery of the faculty concerned (or of the faculty directorate in TEIs) and approved by the Senate of the institution (or Assembly of TEI) .

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The only prerequisite is that applicants are graduates of Upper Secondary Education.


For each postgraduate student attending a Postgraduate course, the Department’s Special General Assembly appoints a supervisor from the Teaching and Research Staff, who is assigned with postgraduate duties in the specific programme context.

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The Regulation of Postgraduate studies includes provisions related to the number and procedure for selecting students, the specific foreign language skills required, the procedure for suspending attendance, part-time attendance, etc.

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The Internal Regulation regulates the issues regarding the setting up of the committee as well as the conditions and the process for the yearly review of the study programme’s content, in parts.

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According to Law 3685/2008 (article 4) Both Greek and foreign graduates of Greek Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) or accredited equivalent institutions from abroad can be admitted to Postgraduate programmes, under conditions specified in the Postgraduate Studies regulation of operation of each programme.

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The Postgraduate Studies regulation of operation of each programme specifies the courses taught, as well as the number of hours required for each course

Admission Requirements

As regards postgraduate studies leading to a Master's Degree (Metaptychiako Diploma Spoudon), postgraduate students’ selection takes place following a public call of interest, stating the number of postgraduate students to be admitted and the categories of degree-holders of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to be admitted to the specific Postgraduate programme.

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A Postgraduate programme cannot last less than one complete calendar year, while part of this year, at least three months, is dedicated to the dissertation preparation.