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But we'd be remiss if we didn't bring up another book that sounds a whole lot like Life of Pi—.

Both Troy, of "Fences," and Walter Mitty live lives in which they, like most everyone, are limited to some extent by forces beyond their control as to how they live their life.

what is the role of religon and science in Life of Pi.

Life of Pi has a scene where a tiger fights a shark. What more could you want?

In fact, when he has the super-bad luck of running into his priest, imam, and pandit all at the same time (thereby being outed as being a practicing Christian, Muslim, and Hindu) he has this to say in his defense:

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What a dude, huh? Pi manages, in the course of Life of Pi, not only to tame a wild tiger, but to preach love and tolerance. The message that Pi wants to get out is the same as Gandhi's: all religions are true. (Pi even extends this to atheism, because he's open-minded like that.)

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So while this novel manages to harmoniously be an adventure tale, Postmodern thought experiment, Bildungsroman, and work of magical realism, we think it's most important as a novel of religion. Just like seemingly-conflicting genres can coexist peacefully within Life of Pi, seemingly-conflicting religions can exist within Pi's life.

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This controversy also highlights an important aspect of Martel's novel, because Life of Pi is a work that celebrates and revels in borrowing from preexisting tales and stretching memory into fantasy. It consciously weaves together stories, perspectives, science, and religions. Depending on your perspective, the charges of plagiarism were either justified or deliciously ironic, considering that Life of Pi is a book that celebrates the fusion that comes from the exchange of ideas.

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My grandmother showed me the best way to live is by ensuring the happiness of loved ones even when they have wronged you My great grandmother, Mama, cared for all her children including her grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and g...

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Firstly, one of the main characters has a tragic flaw that negatively changes his way of life, similar to Hamlet and Amir studied earlier in the course....