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While this list is as complete as I have been able to determine, it is evolving. Some numbers are incomplete and there are still five Communist countries that have the potential to kill more of their citizens. Over the next year, each government will be profiled in detail on this website.

The Communist Manifesto was written in a Europe that was on the eve of the 25.

Proceeding from production to the sphere of intercourse, i.e., of social relations, the social system, Marx and Engels gave a materialist interpretation of the class structure of society and demonstrated the role of classes and the class struggle in social life. In The German Ideology, as compared with the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 and The Holy Family, the Marxist theory of classes and class struggle acquired mature features—those very features which, as Marx noted in his letter to Weydemeyer of March 5, 1852, distinguished this theory from the progressive bourgeois historians' understanding of class struggle. It was demonstrated that the division of society into antagonistic classes and the existence of classes are connected with; definite stages in the development of production, that the development of the class struggle must necessarily lead to a communist revolution carried out by the proletariat, and that this revolution will result in the abolition of classes and the creation of a classless society.

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Along with the social division of labour there develop such derivative historical phenomena as private property, the state and the "estrangement" of social activity. Just as the natural division of labour in primitive society determines the first, tribal (family) form of property so the increasing social division of labour determines the further development and change of the forms of property. The second form of property is the "ancient communal and state property", the third form is "feudal or estate property" and the fourth is "bourgeois property". The singling out and analysis of forms of property which successively replace one another and dominate at different stages of historical development provided the basis for the scientific Marxist theory of the social formations, the successive replacement of which is the principal feature of the whole historical process.

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2. the winning of the working masses behind the leadership of the Communist Parties, which must become inseparably linked with the whole life of the working class;

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Throughout Lenin's contributions to the Communist International runs the theme of the fight against opportunism, and also against petty-bourgeois " leftism'' which isolates the Communists from the mass of the workers. (See: Left Wing Communism.)

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In his pamphlet," Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution" which he published in 1917 on his return to Russia after the February Revolution of that year, Lenin distinguished three trends in the international movement: the social chauvinists, who were lined up openly with their own imperialists; the centrists, who conciliated with them ; and the genuine internationalists, who opposed the imperialist war. Lennin proclaimed that it was urgently necessary for the latter to set up a new Communist International, which would break completely with opportunism and unite the working class on the basis of the revoludbnary principles of Marxism.

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In a "Speech on The Role of the Communist Party" Lenin replied to the British delegates Tanner and McLaine showing that the conscious revolutionary minority of the working class must form a party in order to lead the masses, and dealing also with the problem of the affiliation of the British Communist Party to the Labour Party.