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We don't expend as much effort keeping this list updated as we do for those on other pages (covering topics like facing the daignosis, vaginal hypoplasia, the pros and cons of gonadectomy and genital surgery) because medical articles covering clinical features, genetics etc.

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A guide for students of CHSE 120 and others learning medical terminology.

Journal vs magazine. A journal is a containing written by scholars for other scholars. A magazine typically contains nontechnical articles written by journalists for the general public. However, many magazines contain moderately technical articles written by experts for a narrow or specialized audience. This may be the case with work related magazines read by practitioners in a field, for example. So it is sometimes hard to tell if a publication is a journal or a magazine, but you must make the distinction when you write footnotes in your papers because magazines and journals are cited differently according to Turabian. is the key distinguishing feature of a journal. (It is debatable whether a periodical that does not use peer review can be called a journal, but there are some theological periodicals often considered journals that use editorial review but not peer review per se). Technical material written for a scholarly audience is another good indicator of a journal. Journal articles almost always cite other technical literature (e.g., in footnotes) and interact with that literature. Magazines rarely do so. Journal pagination normally runs consecutively from the beginning of the first issue of a volume to the end of the last issue of the volume. So there is only one page one in a complete annual volume. Magazine pagination normally starts over with every issue. So a complete annual volume of a monthly magazine has twelve page ones. Thus you must include the issue number and date when you cite a magazine. Journals are often quarterly, especially in the humanities. Magazines are often monthly.

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This sloppy use of terminology causes us a lot of problems because the media (magazines, newspapers, TV) pick up on this and assume that 'intersex = ambiguous genitalia = gender identity problem', then print/broadcast material that conveys to the general public the idea that gender identity is, of necessity, an issue in intersex...

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When a reported term includes a list of signs and/or symptoms, a coder without sufficient medical training may have difficulty determining how many medical concepts are presented in the reported term.

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[] Before we get into a basic introduction to what AIS is, in medical terms, a brief but important diversion to the subject of bad/confusing terminology and how the media can make things worse.

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Coders who lack sufficient medical knowledge may often choose an LLT that is more specific than what has been reported, resulting in an LLT that does not accurately represent the reported term. For example, a medically unqualified coder might code the reported term of: