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Almost always filmed on location -- with the gorgeous scenery practically a character, as was the unforgettable theme music -- the smart writing, interesting characters, brilliant acting, and taught direction made this a television classic.

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She also was on a gay-oriented disco album entitled Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes, a compilation of novelty dance tunes.

Harry Lewis was an actor whose first role was a flagman in Dive Bomber (1941).

Nomination Procedures and Deadlines

The requirements for the MS are based on 30 credit hours, which may be obtained through either:

Welsh, R. L., & Blasch, B. B. (1980). Training for persons with functional mobility limitations. In R. L. Welch & B. B. Blasch (Eds.), Foundations of orientation and mobility (pp. 461–476). New York: American Foundation for the Blind.

Recommended for Mature Audiences ONLY.

And yet the cretin of a human being calling himself the author of this "piece" [of shit] chooses to insult my intelligence–yea, even perpetrate fraud upon the species!–by pretending as if this UNQUESTIONABLE FACT is simply IRRELEVANT to Clinton's "nuanced"–[insert sounds of my heaving vomit]–distinction between her public and private position. A DISTINCTION THAT WOULD ITSELF HAVE BEEN WITHHELD FROM THE PUBLIC RECORD IF IT HAD NOT BEEN LEAKED BY WIKILEAKS, THE FOUNDER OF WHOM SHE HAS PROPOSED BE MURDERED BY DRONE STRIKE!!

Uniquely, for its day, featured a villain as anti-hero.

Needham, W., De l'Aune, W., & Kevorkian, G. (1975). Relationships between indices of mobility and personality factors in the blind: II. California Personality Inventory. Journal of International Research Communications Service, 3, 81.

Unshown pilot made in 1952 with Cedric Hardwicke.

Neuhoff, J. G. (2004). Ecological acoustics: Introduction and history. In J. G. Neuhoff (Ed.), Ecological acoustics (pp. 1–13). San Diego, CA: Elsevier Academic Press.

Adapted from a long running film series.

Creators: Executive Producers: Producer: John Rosenberg; Directors: varies from episode to episode; Music: Richard Harvey; Starring: ROY MARSDEN as Adam Dalgliesh; JOHN VINE as John Massingham (seasons 1-3).

The on-location filming was high-quality.

"As substantively defensible-even virtuous-as dealmaking can be, taking this tack runs the risk of confirming the public's worst fears about Clinton: that she's dishonest and lacking in core conviction. That notion, which has a gendered element to it…." [but might also perhaps not be unrelated to her long history of manipulation, lying, stealing, backstabbing, fraud, embezzlement, fraud, more lying, murder, more murder, more fraud]…