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The CCD camera supports all major OS and can be interfaced from many programming languages, allowing unlimited post-processing possibilities. Constantly updated USB drivers, interfacing libraries and well-commented applications for LabVIEW and C++ are included free of charge.

The program was created in LabVIEWTM which was developed by National Instruments.

Hello, I am an electronic and computer engineering student in Cal Poly Pomona. I am working on a robotic arm project using LabVIEW to interface falcon with arduino. I installed all the driver, library and sdk. Also, I tried to do different things to get the device ID, but still having problem initialize the falcon and getting -1 as device ID. I am wondering what you did when you get the “Haptic couldn’t be initialized” message? I am pretty sure the device is connected to my computer probably because the falcon test application works perfectly. Please reply, thank you very much.

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LabVIEWTM allows the user to code programming ideas by selecting and patterning graphical icons.

Modern project-style, plug & play LabVIEW drivers are included free of charge. They are very easy to use and automatically recognize the connected CCD device and use the correct device properties during operation. The drivers have been developed according to the National Instruments driver guidelines.

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With this graphical program the user can save the data obtained by the SR430 in a spreadsheet ready format on a computer.

Key words: LabVIEWTM, ASCII, PMT, SR430, Laser Spectroscopy

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