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THESIS trust ( is an organisation created with the main intention of supporting women’s education, healthcare, welfare and employment in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine is proud to serve as the academic affiliate for a comprehensive set of outstanding Graduate Medical Education Programs. Einstein’s GME programs operate under the Institutional Sponsorship of Montefiore Medical Center and Jacobi Medical Center.

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In scholar and distribute graduate degree education, thesis paper is the central consideration for universites and colleges to judge a scholars limit.

Over the years, the P.A.T.C.H. Scale has been used quite consistently by various educators from around the globe (i.e. USA, Canada. Philippines, Jamaica, China, and Turkey) to test their Nursing student's attitudes towards computers in health care. Nurse administrators and clinicians have used it with various groups of nurses working in hospitals, community health centers, schools, and home health. It has also been used in several graduate students' thesis and dissertation work and by other nurse researchers. Some published highlights are listed below. If you would like to use the P.A.T.C.H. Scale in your research, writing, or curriculum materials, for written permission, and cite the Scale appropriately in your work.

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Nurses' perceptions relating to using technology and computer can directly affect how they structure in-service and continuous education programmes. This research was planned as a descriptive-correlational design to determine the relationship between in-service training nurses' attitudes toward computer in health care and computer anxiety. Research was realized with 116 in-service training nurses who work at Education Department of Istanbul Local Health Authority and primary, secondary and tertiary health institution subordinate Istanbul Local Health Authority. Data were collected after getting permission from Istanbul Local Health Authority considering voluntariness with "Personal Information Form", "Attitudes Toward Computer in Health Care Assessment Scale (P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale)" and "Computer Anxiety Scale (CAS)". Research data were analyzed with SPSS package program. Mean of the P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale was found as 20.07+- 11.91, mean of the CAS was found as 39.31+ - 9.52. There is a moderate negatively significant correlation between the attitude of the in-service training nurses toward computer in health care and their computer anxiety (r: -0.502 p