Empa - 303 - Structural Engineering - PhD thesis

As a project manager for the Department of Hygiene, Environment & Medicine at the Hohenstein Institute, Dr. Handel currently focuses on interaction between allergens and textiles or skin, allergy prevention through textiles as well as neurophysiological perception of clothing by humans.

Feature Extraction and Representation for Pattern Recognition and the Game of Go [Ph.

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The objective of the successful conversion of the body's own stem cells into adipocytes (fat cells) and their colonisation on 3D implants is to allow treatment of injured soft tissue in future. Filling larger injuries, e.g. burns, pressure ulcers or large scars, are a particular challenge in reconstructive surgery. Most surgeons currently choose flap surgery for tissue reconstruction. This technique puts great strain on the surrounding healthy tissue and therefore on the entire patient. The fat implants have consequently been met with great interest among experts. The renowned “Biomedical Materials” journal, for example, dedicated two title pages to the new development, including the “Highlights 2012” edition.

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Modeling of RC members strengthened and prestressed by a novel iron-based shape memory alloy reinforcement
Bernhard Schranz
Co-Supervisor Empa: Dr. Christoph Czaderski, Dr. Moslem Shahverdi
ETH Zürich, IBK, Prof. Dr. Thomas Vogel

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Updated braking forces for the assessment of road bridges (EPFL 2016)
João Alves Martins
Co-Supervisor Empa: Dr. Glauco Feltrin
EPF Lausanne, ENAC School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering: Prof. Dr. Katrin Beyer