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AMES, Iowa — An exhibition of inventive contraptions inspired by an ancestor’s journal entries is on display Nov. 2-15 at the Iowa State University College of Design.

Work by eight seniors from the undergraduate Jewelry Design program will be exhibited.

Galen Higgins is a Minneapolis-based dancer and designer. When he is not on tour with the tap dance and rhythm company, , Galen can be found working on his laptop, playing the drums, and teaching kids how to shuffle. The end of this semester wraps up a six-and-a-half year process working towards two degrees—a BA in Dance and a BS in Graphic Design. What a ride it has been!

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Guests at the 2017 UW MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition Opening. Photo: Robert Wade.

The most important thing I've learned through my academic career at CDes is that design is about people and problem-solving. Empathy helps me understand things from others' perspectives, which in turn drives effective design solutions. Besides visual design, I also have an interest in user experience design, content strategy, user research, and usability. Exploring these different areas has taught me how to pratically apply my design skillset and better collaborate with people from other disciplines. You could say that my goal is to be a .

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A graphic designer, illustrator, runner, and boarder, Ryan’s life largely revolves around creating things. Growing up a skateboarding punk in the suburbs, he was always doodling on the bottom of his board and cutting out stencils to spray paint on his home-built ramps. Ryan’s underlying goal is to apply his creativity in as many directions as possible. He enjoys many disciplines of graphic design such as brand identity, print design, and packaging design. So don’t ask him what he specifically plans to do with his degree. He also is very passionate about illustration and is always trying out new mediums and techniques. Beyond art and design, Ryan loves to eat and drink. Stop in at his place of work at the Bull Dog N.E. for a juicy burger and a cold one.

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Art and design have always been a major part of Libby's life. Throughout her design career, she realized she is most passionate about branding and identity. The idea of creating multiple components for a single identity all while making sure the design relates to the brand is something that inspires her to think outside the box and push the boundaries. She loves coming up with ideas that seem far fetched but somehow manages to pull them off...(ehem a s'mores shop for her thesis project...what?)

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The major in Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design prepares students for opportunities in design positions as exhibition designers, store planners, visual merchandisers, museum exhibition designers, event planners, and designers for other themed environments. Curriculum below is for the entering class of Fall 2017.

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Art has always been an important part of Amanda's life, and soon after leaving high school, she fell in love with graphic design. She is fascinated by the power and impact design can have. In her spare time, you can usually find her in a yoga studio taking or teaching classes. She loves exploring and getting inspiration from things she is passionate about and incorporating it into her design work.