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Improvements in medical science and health care have gradually changed the nature of dying. Death is no longer likely to be the sudden result of infection or injury, but is now more likely to occur slowly, in old age, and at the end of a period of chronic illness. As a result, a demographic shift is beginning to occur that will include an increase in the number of seriously ill and dying people at the same time that the number of caregivers decreases. To meet this challenge, the best that science can offer must be applied to guarantee the quality of care provided to the dying.

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The family of a child who has been raped and murdered by the old creepy guy down the block would love to see that man receive the final sentence of death.

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Perceptions of Parental Competence While Facing the Death of a Spouse
Siegel, K., Raveis, V. H., Bettes, B., Mesagno, F. P., Christ, G., & Weinstein, L. (1990, October). American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 60(4), 567-76.
The death of a parent in childhood constitutes a profound psychological trauma that threatens children’s normal emotional and social development. Healthy parents’ perceptions of their competence to meet children’s needs during the terminal illness of the other parent were measured on five major domains of parent-child relationships and parental functioning central to children’s healthy development. Significant declines from pre-illness competence were perceived, of which the greatest were emotional sensitivity and responsiveness and ability to set limits and impose discipline. Implications for the development of preventive intervention strategies are discussed.

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The Soros Foundation Open Society Institute’s Project on Death in America (PDIA) has involved many social workers in generating and translating research. Among the outputs of the PDIA has been the creation of Social Work Leadership Awards to promote innovative research and training projects that reflect a collaboration between schools of social work and practice sites that will advance the ongoing development of social work practice, education, and training in the care of the dying. These awards promote the visibility and prestige of social workers committed to end-of-life care and enhance their effectiveness as academic leaders, role models, and mentors for future generations of social workers. provides more information on these awards.

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With the increasing numbers of aging individuals and the increases in life expectancy of the very old, society finds that many of the supportive persons relating to these aging individuals are also elderly. Although end-of-life care is often thought to be synonymous with geriatric services, it also focuses on sudden death, unexpected illness, and anticipated death from illnesses at earlier ages, including childhood. A systemic approach to end-of-life care addresses not only the identified client, but also the family and other caregivers, including the professionals involved.