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Some time after the submitted my article to Habermas for his review and he agreed to write a response, he and I spoke on the telephone at length (personal communication, July 12, 2012). I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had some knowledge of the growing amount of data on being mined in the fields of social science and medicine. However, in his References, he cited only two religious experience researchers: and myself ().

My article was intentionally based on research into spiritually transformative experiences (, , , ) as integral to the normal, healthy human life experience. faulted me for ignoring "historians, philosophers, and New Testament researchers" ) and chose to frame his arguments in theological terms. However, my paper dealt with the across time and culture, and any reference to philosophy or theology was only tangential. For me, theology is basically an argument about a book - or, in the case of the vast Hindu scriptures, a set of books. In my view, spiritually transformative experience is the basis for all that is holy in scripture, and the validity of the Bible or any other sacred book rests on the religious experience(s) in it. I share the view of that religious experience is primary, and religion is secondary ().

My doctorate is in , and I am a religious experience researcher; I use the older term "religious" because the topic of my original article is the resurrection. Many of my colleagues prefer to use the word I am not quite as hostile to the idea of religion as who stated that:

Diversity is defined as an individual having variations when compared to another (Linge).

"My dear soul, my dear brother, be of good cheer, thou shalt be strengthened and comforted after your griefs with an universal and eternal consolation ... You must be prepared to pass through the seven habitations of the damned; be of good courage and prepare yourself to feel something of their sufferings, but be turned inward deeply during the time, and you shall thereby be preserved."

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Rood as Cross is in reality the Slavonic god Rod, the Creator of Life whose name means Tribe or Family; Tuatha de Danaan may ring a Baal; these are the sons of Zeus/Lucifer who believe the Serpent Fire "Kundalini" rises the 32 vertebrae of the Spine (Rod or Spear of Destiny) to awaken the 3rd Eye. Rod is equivalent with Thor whose symbol is the Lightning Bolt or Thunder; read the lyrics to Bad Moon Rising and this will make sense. "Revenge is a dish best served cold" and Cathars intend to take it through ISIS. Ever wonder why the US and Russia arm, train, and finance ISIS while the EU funds them by buying their stolen Iraqi oil? ISIS means "Throne" of Lucifer.

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According to Christian Universalism, in the end, we will all be united with God. Two of Jesus' most poignant parables proclaim Universal Salvation. In Matthew, God () sought and saved the lost sheep; the sheep did not return to the flock of its own accord. The parable ends, "So it is not the will of your Father in Heaven that one of these little ones should be lost" (). In the story of the Prodigal Son (), the returning son did not ask to be a member of the family, but for a job as his father's servant. It was God (the father) who took him back into the family. The father was the character with the active role. People often have difficulty with this story because they wrongly identify with the good son and not with the father. Considering how much human parents love their own children, the story puts some perspective on how much God, who is all good, loves each of us. This theme is echoed in the mystic Gospel of John: