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Physical Chemistry: Gas Phase Chemical Kinetics and Photochemistry; Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosols; Air Pollution in Megacities of the Developing World

There were deficiencies in the general knowledge of chemistry displayed by the student.

The application of analytical chemistry to forensic, environmental and industrial chemistry, then bridge these experiences into the classroom. This also includes the role technology and instrumentation play in discovery and problem solving.

Synthesis of Functionalized Bisphosphonates via Click Chemistry.

I arrived here a soldier and I’m a veteran now and a strong veterans' advocate. What I like most about working at MIT is the commitment level and passion of everyone here. You don’t have to be a PHD or a rocket scientist to contribute here.

Click Chemistry in CuI -zeolites: The Huisgen [3 + 2]-Cycloaddition.

The topic for your original proposition should be within the broadly defined purview of chemistry, but not related to your thesis research project or any research project currently underway in your group.


P., Macromonomer synthesis via ATRP and click chemistry.

Synthesis of Functionalized NMP Initiators for Click Chemistry: a Versatile Method for the Preparation of Functionalized Polymers and Block Copolymers.

L., The Convergence of Synthetic Organic and Polymer Chemistries.

Synthesis of Azide/Alkyne-Terminal Polymers and Application for Surface Functionalisation through a [2 + 3] Huisgen Cycloaddition Process, "Click Chemistry".

B., The growing impact of click chemistry on drug discovery.

Candidacy Exam/Second Year Proposal Defense

After the writing and submission of the second year proposal, students will be required to present and orally defend in front of their thesis committee their proposed thesis research and general knowledge of chemistry at the core course level.

The Department of Chemistry welcomes you

Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure α-[4-(1-Substituted)-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl]-benzylacetamides via Microwave-Assisted Click Chemistry: Towards New Potential Antimicrobial Agents.

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The Reed chemistry program culminates in the senior year with the , a two-semester research investigation of an unexplored area of scientific interest. The thesis investigation is typically conducted as a collaboration between the student and a faculty mentor.